Why Do We Not Use Our Brain

by Paul Ingram on February 14, 2014

You’ve heard the story about setting your intention on your dream car, or even actually purchasing that car.

Then what happens is that you all of a sudden, and as if like magic start spotting your same car appearing on the streets.

Where did they appear from?

They were actually there all along it’s just that you chose to ignore them… Why Do We Not Use Our Brain

It’s the same principle when we see negative in something.

If we choose to give our mind chance to think about negative things or limiting beliefs then what happens is that we then start to see more negative things around us.

Start today by training your mind to accept the positive things that are happening in your life today.

Be grateful for them and I guarantee that you will start to see more of them appear in your life.


Why Do We Not Use Our Brain
What percentage of your brain do you use? – Richard E. Cytowic

Do You Want More Freedom In Your Life
Do You Want To Be More Successful
Do You Want To Achieve More
Do You Want More Money
Do You Want Financial Freedom
Do You Want To Be Healthy
Do You Want To Be Fitter
Do You Want To Loose Weight
Do You Want Better In Relationships
Do You Want To Be Better at Dating

It’s All Connected to Why Do We Not Use Our Brain


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